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Individual rooms or the entire school may be rented. Descriptions of The Old Stone School and the rooms in it are below.


  • Auditorium, with a capacity of 150 people, has a stage, curtains, and lighting; chairs and tables are available with auditorium rental (Stage measures 13’ x 18’ and backstage area measures 8’ x 24’)
  • Kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven for storing and preparing your refreshments (not approved for commercial dinner preparation)
  • The Lounge Meeting Room, furnished with chairs, tables, and a sofa, measures 24’ x 28’
  • The Elva Seay Meeting Room, which is 25′ x 28′
  • All of the rooms on the first floor have air conditioning and heat


  • There are two rooms upstairs:
    • The Tulip Ware Meeting Room is 25′ x 28′ with a stage that is 13′ x 18′
    • The other meeting room measures 24’ x 30’
  • The rooms on the second floor do not have air conditioning, but they do have electric heat


  • Patio to extend your celebration outdoors.


  • The kitchen is not approved by the Health Department, so it is not suitable for dinners made or sold on the premises; it has been used by caterers as a warming and prep area
  • Trash removal and clean up are the responsibility of the renter
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